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Temples in the clouds

Date: 10/04/2009
Author: Ben Friedland
Position: Librarian
Contributor: Ben Friedland
Jim Mallinson (avon club) and Chicco Patruzzi attempt a difficult flight from Billing to the Himani Chamunda temple in the Indian Himalayas.Things don't start well for them. A religious man explains that by flying over temples with leather footwear, they are upsetting the gods, but does his advice pay off?This is not simply a paragliding film, but a great story enriched by the people, events and tales encountered on the way. This unique adventure is only possible because Jim speaks the language and understands the culture.The flying footage is good, but certainly less scary than in "From Nowhere to the Middle of NoWhere". The music choices are first class and enhance the changing moods. There is even a comedy sequence. 56 mins.

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