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Date: 10/04/2009
Author: Richard Danbury
Position: Chairman
Contributor: Richard Danbury
This fascinating film admirably captures the excitement and atmosphere of the sport of paragliding as our top pilots experienced it in 2001. The action alternately transports us to Switzerland, Utah, Hawaii and Turkey, and as the music changes from portentous to dramatic, we are asked “Who lit this flame in us that no one can put out?” The film makes a valiant attempt to answer this important question. We learn that “paragliding is like having a massive sensation with your own freedom”, and one interviewee eloquently tells us that “it’s a feeling you can’t put into words”. The film is not short on concrete information either, and at one point we are told that “Turkey is an awful long way from Utah”. The footage of repeated full stalls and mild wingovers and spirals will take you right to the edge of consciousness. But stick with it; there’s a bit of D-bagging, and after all, it’s got to be better than Fly Hard.

Contributor's Notes:

Only got one star from me (ben friedland)


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