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The Best Of Hang gliding

Date: 10/04/2009
Author: Raphael Lytton
Contributor: Raphael Lytton
Too long: Lots of very short take off and landing clips. The number of different sites visited / shown is quite impressive, but there is no order – other than in which “Sky Dog” visited them those years. A site is left, only to be re-shown a few clips later. The clips are too short too get much idea or feel for the site. It is all very disjointed, and gets boring. Sites visited:Sugar Mountian, 3miles away-Lake View.Point of the mountain – UtarSalt LakeHensons Gap – TeneseaWyoming Lessers PeakAdresons Point - 300ft over Pacific OceanLake Michigan.Hensons mountain.Nevada – Slide MountainHot springs Canyon. 1Hr 20,Way too long


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