Paragliding Chief Coach

Tom Janikowski

Tom Janikowski

I'm Tom Janikowski and I've been paragliding since 1998 (I learnt without proper training from my own mistakes which wasn't a great idea). Over the years I have flown many paragliders from EN-B to my current Comp wing.

From 2010 I took Cross Country seriously, which means I brought it to the higher level. I used to fly a lot of freestyle and acro but on regular wings. For flying XC I had to replace all my gear. I came back to the Alps and started to explore them like never before.

I quickly become a Coach for Grupa 303 and Avon and if time allows will start flying sailplanes. Apart from daily coaching, I organize trips to the Alps for fresh pilots and those who want to fly XC.

In 2013 I missed a nomination for National Team in Poland by two places. This year I was nominated for the second time and will again represent Poland in PWC and other FAI competitions. This is my biggest achievements, to be 9th in the country.

I left a good job in London and moved closer to the countryside. Melksham offers easy access to many flying sites, including Westbury which is my favourite. My passion for flying ruined my marriage and complicated my life as much as gave me unforgivable memories. If I'm not flying I'm either training, building CNC machines, flying remote controlled models or doing my day job (maintenance engineering at Monier Redland - yawn! visit my website if you're still awake).

You can contact me on 07743596736 or

Fly safe

Tom Janikowski

Mobile: 07743596736
E-Mail: pgcoaching