Sites Officer

Wesley Murch

Wesley Murch

I started paragliding after about eight years of a friend constantly asking me to try it and thinking it wasn't for me. I was a skydiver and thought paragliding wouldn't satisfy me, well how wrong was I. Since qualifying CP I have regularly flown over 250 hours each season and at many sites throughout the UK. I am a very keen XC pilot and can regularly be found on any hill that offers the best potential XC flying that day.

I have recently started flying competitions and have a keen interests in adventure race style flying and Vol Biv, but am most happy when XC flying across the British countryside.

As my obsession with the sport has developed, it has also combined well with my passion for the outdoors. As a falconer of 22 years, I spend a lot of time in the countryside and I am most happy when outdoors, be it flying myself, flying one of my Golden Eagles or fishing, etc, I just love to be out in nature. This passion has led me to becoming Sites officer, which allows me to give back to the club and the sport, while maintaining and ensuring the security and protection of the sites that we all love and share. I am excited about the role and I look forward to seeing all of you out on many of our hills.

If at any time you see me on the hill please come say "Hi" and if you have any questions or information about our great club and the sites we fly then do not hesitate to contact me.

Safe flying, Blue skies.

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