The Avon Crystal Ball

The Avon Crystal Ball was added to the site to provide a means for pilots to share opinions of likely flying in the near future and facilitate contact etc. Feel free to use it in the following sorts of ways:

  • Post where you think it's going to be flyable this weekend / tomorrow / whenever
  • Ask for lift shares
  • Ask for advice on where to go flying

but in the long run, it'll be used for whatever you find it useful for. It'll shortly be accessible fully from the Members area, where it will automatically populate your details.


09/03/2016 - I want to fly

Hallo, IŽam Meik from Siegen, Germany. I am working in Poole this month and on weekend i have time for flying. I visited already the starting place "Rifle Range" near Mere - beautiful mountain, but the wind was to strong. Can you send me a message, when you are going to fly? I have my own paraglider, b-license. Best regards, Meik

Name: Meik Philipp
Location: Poole, Wimborne
TelNo: 01755862917

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