Avon Flying Diary


13/05/2019 - Maes knoll
Wind: ENE

18k sometimes gusting to 30, thermic. Meteo blowing thermal over the hill, good lift infront of T/O extending nearly to main road, model glider pilot kindly showing me lift areas;-) fab day launched 1300 ish lots of fun riding the small ridge infront ,didnt have vario so stayed close into hill, but easily made it up over top. Flew for hour could have been much longer but had to dash for school run

Jason stone

14/05/2019 - Maes knoll
Wind: ENE

A little stronger today with more of a easterly meteo, still thermic and working nice infront of hill, have a short movie to upload later, loved riding the little ridge with another pilot from Hawaii, his first time to uk, lots of fun.

Jason stone

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