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Brazil XC 2004 with Carlo Borsattino & Mark Watts


Run by Carlo Borsattino with Mark Watts.

After the great success of the BRAZIL XC 2003 trip (as seen in Skywings June 2003), we’re running another 3 week thermalling & Cross Country flying course for paraglider pilots in Governador Valadares, Brazil, flying out on January 30th 2004.

Governador Valadares is without doubt one of the world's greatest paragliding locations, offering reliably superb cross country flying conditions in a very friendly flying locality. The superb take-off mountain is an ideal launch pad into the usually blissful, easy thermic conditions and very light winds. Once off, there are normally plenty of divine thermals to be found & climb easily up to cloudbase in, to find yourself surrounded by endless green rolling hills and puffy white clouds stretching out in all directions as far as the eye can see. The very light prevailing winds & usual lack of wind-sheer or inversion layers mean that the thermals are not all chopped up, so there is relatively very low levels of turbulence considering the excellent thermic conditions. It's like flying on the best possible UK cross country day of the year almost EVERY SINGLE DAY, but without all the problems of strong winds, annoying airspace, the sea (i.e. running out of land!) and over-crowding. All these things must surely make ‘GV’ absolutely THE perfect winter destination for British pilots!

The trip is being organised & run by Carlo Borsattino, with expert assistance by cross country virtuoso Mark Watts (top UK pilot and currently leading the UK National Cross Country League by a fair margin). Our comprehensive local knowledge of the area & previous experience of running trips there, together with years of experience as instructors, fly-guides, and accomplished cross country pilots, will ensure that you make absolutely the most of your trip. Flying together on radio with your in-flight guides, with our own personal driver and retrieval vehicle, you will surely fly longer, further, & safer.

The course is aimed at pilots who have already totted up some flying hours (as a rough guide, CP+25hrs min. with some experience of thermalling), and offers a high level of specialist flight guidance to help improve your general flying & thermalling skills & extend your XC flights. We will give detailed briefings on all aspects of launch, flying, landing, safety, conditions, & retrieve, as well as theory sessions with Q&A. Guidance will be aimed at the individual, covering everything from launching to landing, and all the bits in between.

You can be sure that you will learn a HUGE amount from this course, & come back to the UK fully primed & ready to make the most of the British XC season! Everyone in the course in Feb 2003 beat their own personal bests, here are some quotes from them about the 2003 trip:

Abigail Barr: "The course was fantastic."; "I learnt what is possible, what I am capable of, what I need to do to achieve it, why I love it, and why everyone should do it."; "My success this season (2003) has its roots right there in GV with you guys. It's all your fault ;->"; "Thanks very much guys - real quality time!"

Grita Rose-Innes: "The best trip I have ever had, beyond anything I had hoped for."; "Everything was great: well organised, fantastic flying..."; "The course was brilliant! (Very, very good)."; "THANK you both SO MUCH for your brilliant guidance and instruction!"

John Stevens: "The course and trip was even better than I expected! Not just good but excellent!"

Mike Parfitt: "I bettered, then doubled my previous best XC distance and
achieved 4x the XC total in 3 weeks that I had achieved prior to that."

Bobby Brown: "Daily flight organisation retrievals, site & flight briefings, in-flight coaching over radio - all really very good indeed!"; "I achieved far more actual flying than on previous trips."

Crispin Rose-Innes: "I learnt an enormous amount, far more than I expected."

PRICE FOR 3 WEEKS: £1200, including: Airport transfer to GV; Hotel with
breakfast & air con; Our own private transport air conditioned vehicle with experienced retrieve driver; Expert in-flight guidance on radio and full
individual brief / de-brief; Theory & questions answered.

Fair Winds

Carlo Borsattino

Carlo Borsattino
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Reported on 16/10/2003 by Guest Author