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May SIV & XC courses in Turkey with Flybubble Par

Flybubble Paragliding are running two exclusive weeks of SIV & XC
courses 'with a difference' in Oludeniz, Turkey in May 2005, with expert
instruction by Carlo Borsattino, British Paragliding Team 2004 and
winner of 2004 Bleriot Cup winner.

Carlo has run many paragliding thermalling, XC and SIV courses all over
the world during the past 10 years, including his first SIV course which
he ran in Annecy 10 years ago! Since then, Carlo has run SIV courses in
Annecy and Monaco in France, South Africa and Argentina, all of which
has been a great success!

So, what's the difference with our course? There will be greater
emphasis on the individual pilot's 'own needs' with a very close
instructor to student progression. We will be keeping numbers down to an
absolute maximum of 8 pilots per course, so that each pilot receives
much closer attention. Flybubble Paragliding provide a unique, personal
and professionally run trip. We want you to make the most of your
paragliding SIV course and flying holiday!

Want to know more? Then read the details below...



Week 1 - Saturday 7th to 14th May, 2005.
Week 2 - Saturday 14th to 24th May, 2005.

1 week SIV + thermalling and XC flying course in Olu Deniz, Turkey with
expert instruction by Carlo Borsattino.

This will be a unique defensive-flying style course, ‘pilot in command’
SIV course. Learn… how to deal with collapses inherent with flying in
any kind of turbulence (thermals, wash etc.); ….how to understand the
vital relationship between you and your wing; …explore the boundaries of
your glider and how to control it; …how to get out of trouble quickly
and effectively, emergency descent techniques, and much more!...

This is not an ‘acro’, ‘got the t-shirt’ or ‘scare-yourself-silly’ SIV
course, which simply takes you ‘through the motions’ and leaves you
bewildered and confused. The aim of our course is to make you a BETTER,
SAFER and MORE CONFIDENT pilot, so that you are more in tune with your
glider and the conditions that you should expect to fly in.

Learn to BE more in control and FEEL more in control!

Cost: £435 for the SIV and XC flying course.

Included in the price are all of the trips up the mountain for the SIV
and XC flights on the course. The mountain is 6000ft high, with
take-offs between 5500 and 6000ft, which means that you arrive over the
water ready for SIV at 3500 - 4500ft! This means that you have plenty of
height to practice each manoeuvre over and over again, and progress
steadily, without any rush.

For further information on these SIV trips contact us, or click here

Reported on 12/04/2005 by Rich Harding