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Stolen Kit

Dear All
I'm sad to report that my complete PG kit was stolen from a car in North London on Friday Evening. I would be very grateful if you could all keep an eye out and/or put notices in club magazines, etc. The stolen items include the following:
Pierre Bouilloux SupAir Glider Bag: Turquoise. Small hole worn in top of lid
FreeX Spear Glider no: 16249M, Red/White, Faded, much loved and well-used. Complete with mud, Indian insects, etc.
Pierre Bouilloux SupAir Flying Suit Turquoise
Helmet: Very Old Everoak - White
Gloves: Black Phoenix GoreTex
Garmin GPS 38 in GPS Case (Purple Airworks)
Flytec 3005 Variometer
Variometer Case (Turquoise)
Olympus Mu Zoom 140 Camera
Metamorphosi Reserve Parachute: Red/White, 18-Gore some colour runs
Woody Valley X-Act Harness: Edel badged, Purple/Cream. Large tear to under-surface
Windstopper Gloves: Orange/Black
Woolly Hat: Grey
Any information on any of the above very gratefully received. Thanks
Chris Lovell
HimalayAir Paragliding
27 Foulden Road
Stoke Newington
N16 7UU
Tel/Fax: +44 20 7923 1914

Reported on 12/02/2001 by Marcus King