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Piedrahita Closed

The following was reported by XC Mag
"Spain's best known site, Piedrahita, has been closed indefinately.
The take-off site's owners from the rival village of 'Santiago del Collado' are demanding 8,000,000 Pesetas (around 60,000 US dollars) from the town of Piedrahita for use of the land.
The owners have cordoned off the are with high quality barbed wire and have informed the police.
Last weekend, when the police saw people flying from Piedrahita they appeared at the takeoff and took their details in case the owners wanted to prosecute.
Piedrahita, situated 300 km west from Madrid, has played host to several international competitions and holds a special place in the hearts of free flyers worldwide. Let's hope a peaceful solution can be found quickly to keep flying alive in the Spanish flatlands."
Adrian Thomas (UK Comps Panel) confirmed this with Steve Ham, this is the reply he sent.
"Regarding the take off, it is true unfortunately. We are using other sites and we are trying to make a deal with the land owners, but it looks difficult. If nothing has improved in a couple of weeks we will be organising the comps in another site 30 Kms away from Piedrahita which is as good as Pena Negra."
Let's hope the situation improves soon.

Reported on 19/04/2001 by Marcus King