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St Andre PG British Open NOT Postponed

The British Paragliding Open St.Andre, 2nd to 8th September, is NOT POSTPONED, contrary to what was published in Skywings. Please spread the word amongst all keen flyers that you know!
If you haven't already flown St Andre before, then you are really missing one of THE most INCREDIBLE flying sites in the world - REALLY! - and it is worth getting down there to enjoy some fantastic flying. Flying St Andre in a competition, like the British International St Andre Open, is a great idea as you will have the benefit of the experts to chose the right flights to make the most out each day, and it really pays to have some local knowledge of the area. There will be a fun relaxed atmosphere, with a group of enthusiastic pilots all just wanting to get some great flying in! Get yourself down there and just enjoy yourself!
The week before is the French Champinships, 26 August to 1st September, which is an international Open competition, with limited availability for foreign pilots to take part. I am reliably informed, by French free flight guru and team manager Yves Goueslain, that the event will be a FAI Cat 2 event and so will give you world ranking points. There will be various groups of Brit pilots down there, some taking part in the comp, some flying along side and learning a lot, I believe that some guys will be running xc courses, and some will just be along to enjoy the great atmosphere and get some of the most sublime flying experiences of their lives!

Reported on 19/08/2001 by Marcus King