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Windtech's new DHV 1-2 sports intermediate

Extracts from magazine reviews of the Pulsar:

"a very high standard of finish... amongst the best"

"Workmanship is top-notch"

"This is a great wing for anyone from Club Pilot upwards."

Windtech Pulsar

"It is very easy to ground handle and fly, and gives great enjoyment because the ease with which it flies doesn't have a handling or agility penalty."

"For the more experienced pilot this results in totally stress-free flying, even in the strongest of conditions."

"The glider is supplied with a very comprehensive manual covering all aspects of flying and caring for it."

"very light and easy to handle on the ground."

"an easy and even inflation."

"The glider is very agile in the air" "All the right signals come down the risers"

"superb agility" "very good climb rate"

"turns quickly into any lift on a whim but also... very flatly and efficiently... sometimes an Achilles heel for the more agile gliders."

"remaining where set by the pilot and instantly responding to either roll in or roll out commands"

"offers the pilot the ability to concentrate on thermalling and centring in lift without having to control the glider constantly in pitch or sort out tip tucks."

"excellent flying characteristics" "well-executed speed system"

"It seems they (Windtech) have been slightly conservative in their figures."

"The speed bar is light in action, and the Pulsar is very stable when it is used."

"very stable in pitch on the bar. It did not require correction, or leave the overhead position in turbulence."

"The Pulsar behaves exceptionally well" "Solid and very reassuring."

"Despite summer flying in Annecy in some strong conditions I did not experience any deflations and therefore can report the canopy is rock steady."

"... the glider is very resistant to collapses of any sort"

"at all times it remained inflated and gave good indications as to what it (the air) was doing"

"Saving the best until last brings us onto the thermalling behaviour of the Pulsar."

"In anything from... weak conditions in the UK... to the 5-6m/s thermals in the Alps, the Pulsar was in its element."

"It's an outstanding glider to thermal and it has a great climb rate."

"It requires no special techniques to optimise the climb. Flat, really banked-up and all shades in between are well within its repertoire."

"The Pulsar always signals which way to turn for the thermal and makes thermal mapping and choice of bank angle very intuitive."

"Brake pressure builds up nicely as you pull the brakes, but is never high enough to be tiring on long climbs."

Windtech Pulsar

"the Pulsar is a fantastic introduction to the Windtech range and does them great credit as paraglider manufacturers."

"(An) Excellent all-rounder with very easy thermalling and accomplished handling."

To see the full Skywings review of the Pulsar go to:

For more info on the Windtech Pulsar, see:

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Reported on 23/01/2004 by Guest Author