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Ozone's New DHV1 - The MOJO

The MOJO is intended for beginner pilots and those who want stress free flying. With its easy inflation and accessibility, the MOJO is very forgiving to fly and has the easy characteristics typical of a DHV 1 glider. We've combined long brake travel for safety with progressive handling for good turning behaviour; add this to the notably better sink rate and you get great thermalling performance. In flight the MOJO has a smooth feel and is very stable in both pitch and roll, making it feel very comfortable and safe. We've maintained the feedback that is vital if you want to know what the air is doing around you; this is a glider that will safely take you from your first flights to cross country adventures.
Easy Launch Characteristics

  • No over-shooting, forgiving in pitch
  • Constant feed back of pressure in the risers during the inflation
  • Easy control of roll and yaw
  • Solid leading edge, forgiving of piloting errors

Flying Characteristics

  • Certified DHV1 (New tests) *

  • Long brake travel forgiving of imperfect inputs

  • Significant increase in brake pressure as you approach the stall point

  • Smooth and progressive handling allowing you to easily control the rate of turn and roll.

  • Confidence inspiring stability and safety combined with a level of feedback that allows you to learn about the air

  • Excellent sink rate; top pilots will be jealous of how easily you climb past them!

Here's what the design team members had to say about our new glider;
Dav: "To be able to please everyone has taken us some time. Finally the result is here and I'm really pleased we've managed to combine DHV1 characteristics with the Ozone feeling."
Jerome: "I have been pleasantly surprised by the potential of this wing, it's really accessible. I really enjoy thermalling up on it then doing wing overs with it during the test flights."
Antoine: "Personally I really like the MOJO for it's ease of flying combined with the feeling it gives you. It has a lot of potential to help pilots improve their flying skills, whilst enjoying the safety of this class of wing. Also I like the pitch, it's really smooth and precise "
Available Colours

The Mojo will be available in 5 Sizes
55 - 70
65 - 85
80 - 100
95 - 115
110 - 135

Technical Specifications for Medium

Aspect Ratio Flat5.1
Aspect Ratio Proj.3.6
No of Risers3 (A + Baby A), B and C
No of Cells39
Trim Speed36 km/h
Accelerated Speed46 km/h
Glider Weight5.6kg

  • Riser lines A,B Edelrid 200kg
  • Riser lines C Edelrid 340kg
  • Mid lines Betech DSL140
  • Uppers Betech DSL70
  • Top surface – Gelvenor
  • Bottom and ribs – Porcher

Reported on 18/02/2004 by Marcus King