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New Gliders and the Latest Rumours

It's the time of year when many pilots look to changing their wing for the new season, don't forget to allow time to get used to it before those spring thermals kick in. The manufacturers are all busy releasing new gliders to tempt you to part with your money. In the paragliding world Airwave have introduced a new serial racer with a nostalgic name, the Magic is DHV2-3 and has the latest 'in' design feature of closed off cells. Another glider with this feature is the Omega 5 which has already been seen flying in the UK. Another glider sporting this feature is the new glider from Airea which surprisingly is DHV1-2 in standard trim but uniquely the speed system can be set to allow increased acceleration, but also an increase in DHV grade to 2. The new Nova Carbon (1-2) looks like a winner providing strong competition for last year's DHV2 gliders. New gliders from UP, the Makalu(1-2) and Summit(2) must be putting a smile on Mr Sollom's face. Rumours of a new glider from Gin (Nomad) abound, it is said that they are planning to achieve DHV2 and that if they do it will put the cat amongst the pigeons in this category.
What of the hangliding world I hear you ask,well I've not heard any news but if you know of any rumours of new gliders let me know. In class 2 world Icaro and AIR have restructured their businesses to improve the service for ATOS pilots.

Photo Credit: Airea Rebel courtesy of Airea UK

Reported on 04/01/2001 by Marcus King