Salisbury Plain Danger Area

BHPA Pilot-Rated pilots may, with permission, fly through the two areas known as the "Upton Triangle" and "Cow Down" at the western end of the Salisbury Plain Danger Area.

  • The Upton Triangle extends from the westernmost point of Salisbury Plain Danger Area to easting 87
  • Cow Down covers the 1km strip from easting 87 to easting 88
Salisbury Plain LOA - Click to Enlarge


In the event of any unplanned landings on the MOD estate, Salisbury Plain Air Ops is to be notified immediately on 01980 674710/674730. If SP Air Ops is closed contact the Range Ops Room 01980 674951/ 674877


  • Activation requests can only be made by authorised members of the Avon HG&PG Club between certain hours:
    • Monday - Friday: 0800-1700
    • Weekends & Bank Holidays: Before 1200 on the last working day prior to the weekend / holiday
  • For weekend flying you will need to PLAN IN ADVANCE!
  • Once you have phoned or texted one of the Avon reps, or requested activation via the "SW XC Airspace" Telegram Group they will text you back to confirm activation, and they will also confirm on the "SW XC Airspace" Telegram Group.

Avon HGPG Club Reps

  • Martin Harris - 07887 581566
  • Mike Humphries - 07534970743
  • Chris Jones - 07966 170014
  • James Lynch - 07816 816359
  • Tim Pentreath - 07905 271114
  • Nicholas Somerville - 07891 921651
NB. Please don't always call the same person!

This information is also reproduced on the Bath Gap crib sheet. Download it here. The full agreement is here.

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