1. BHPA membership is mandatory for all pilots using Avon sites. Membership cards should be carried at all times whilst on a site.
  2. Any flying accident must be reported to the safety officer as soon as possible. All accidents should also be reported to the BHPA within 48hrs.
  3. Any damage to crops, property or animals must be reported to the relevant site officer immediately, so that the landowner can be informed.
  4. Each pilot is responsible for ensuring that their glider is in airworthy condition. Pilots will not be allowed to fly unairworthy gliders on Avon sites.
  5. Cars or other motor vehicles must not be driven across farmers' land unless prior permission has been obtained.
  6. Do not bring dogs onto club sites that are privately owned.
  7. Follow the country code: do not leave litter, do not climb over fences or walls and always shut gates behind you.
  8. All pilots must wear a helmet.
  9. Park your car with consideration to other road users and land owners.
  10. Drive considerately - we are easily identifiable, particularly the hang gliders!
  11. Be courteous to any spectators and answer their questions politely.
  12. When XC flying try not to land in fields containing livestock and never land in fields containing horses.

This page last updated: 2nd March, 2015
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