Grid Reference
SO 824 090
Nearest Postcode
GL10 3ES
Site Code
Wind Direction
Height ASL (Feet)
Height TTB (Feet)
Site Officer
Dave Neal (07388 793378)
Pilot and Advanced Pilot only
Open site.
Just after the brow of the hill: ///scorpions.liners.carefully (SO 82491 08990)

Main: ///cheering.saved.headers (SO 82435 08996)

West: ///develop.glimmers.jubilant (SO 82156 08933)

Take Off

Main: ///cheering.saved.headers (SO 82435 08996)

West: ///develop.glimmers.jubilant (SO 82156 08933)

Local Flying

Haresfield (also known as "Scaresfield") is a small, technical site. Its hazards should be noted and extreme caution observed. It has been assessed as suitable for Pilot rating or higher for this reason. That said, if flown with due respect for the topography and weather effects, it can deliver wonderful soaring flights and some have been known to get away from the hill on XC on the odd occasion.

Even if you have a good amount of experience, it is recommended not to fly until you have received a site brief on this highly technical site.

There is just enough space to lay two gliders out on the main take-off, but definitely only room for one to launch at a time. If the wind is from the south, it can be possible to launch from the Ring Hill take off: ///develop.glimmers.jubilant, just walk 300m along the path to the west.

When taking off from the main take off, and the wind is from the SW, launch and fly to your left, toward the tree line. There is usually lift in the region about 30-50m to the east of take off, where the trees start. If you are lifting here, it's worth turning back toward take off and milking that lift. Once comfortably higher than take off it is best to track along by the edge of the tree line. Be very careful to have an 'out' away from the trees and bushes now appearing below you. So long as comfortably high, the bowl to the east end of the tree line usually provides good lift, but beware any significant sink, so as not to be caught low here!

For landing options, when it is anywhere from SSE to SW, it may be possible to land on Ring hill; ///develop.glimmers.jubilant (SO 82156 08933), but beware of the trees all around this field and the deep depression toward the middle of the upwind side. If the wind has become very westerly, and you have good height, it is usually possible to land on the main common: ///acting.cycle.fuses (SO 83011 08603). However, make sure you have enough height to get well clear of the trees, right on the top of the common, as it will get very turbulent close to the tree line. If in any doubt land at the bottom field and walk up, it takes about 5-8 minutes. Do not damage the barbed wire fence as you climb over it!

XC Flying
Difficult to get away from, the record being around 70k. However there is little airspace for 200k.
Top Landing
Landing by the take off is very tricky and there is little benefit. It's difficult to pack here in any breeze whatsoever. It's better to use one of the alternatives above.
Bottom Landing

OS Grid Ref: SO 82437 08808 51.777595, -2.255936 Altitude: 154 m. ///cotton.mailing.emotional

Note that the flattish field in front actually slopes away, so you need to burn height once at the threshold. Landing before the field is not recommended, as there are brambles, nettles bushes etc.

Common: ///acting.cycle.fuses (SO 83011 08603)

Stroud Gloucester
From M5 J 12, take signs to Haresfield. Cross over railway bridge, turn right towards the 'Beacon' pub. Turn left up the steep hill. Just after the brow of the hill, park, and find the path to take off on the right.
Ordnance Survey Sheet

Latest Flying Diary Entries for Haresfield

29/04/15 Paul C - Had 1hr20mins around noon. Started moderate, then became stronger, so landed. Some thermals, but too nervous of the commitment going over the back in such wind.

24/04/15 Paul C - Had an hour of soaring around noon. A little bumpy. Probably too windy by the time I'd packed up and left.

27/03/15 Paul C - A 10 min flight, and a 25 min flight around 4pm - 5pm. SW wind. Flying in the bowl. A bit scratchy, but sunny and nice.

30/12/14 Paul C - 75mins soaring 1:30pm onwards. Strong/bumpy at times. Wind died off a bit in the end.

07/06/14 Paul C - 2pm onwards, 20 mins speedflying, then 40mins on regular glider. Wind gradually decreased.

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