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17/03/2022 - New Quick Links for Sites Guides
You can now access sites guides simply by using the site name, e.g.   Read More
03/06/2020 - Westbury Safety Notes
Notes on safely flying Westbury in different wind directions.   Read More
19/01/2018 - New Airspace Concessions at Westbury
Changes to Danger Area access at Westbury   Read More
27/09/2017 - Draycott Has Reopened - With Conditions
Draycott has reopened but you must contact the Site Officer, Geoff Rogers, before flying.   Read More
19/09/2017 - Spencer's Bowl Site Guide Update
IMPORTANT: Check true wind direction before flying.   Read More
01/01/2016 - Draycott Is Currently Closed
Due to a recent incident, Draycott is currently closed. Please do not fly it.   Read More
17/09/2014 - Gliding Club At Frocester
Glider safety protocol for paragliders leaving Frocester in a WSW wind   Read More
31/03/2011 - Horses At Westbury
Following a recent incident when horses were spooked by low flying pilots at the far southern end of the NW ridge pilots adjacent to the road, pilots are requested to keep at least 300' clearance from the ground in this area.   Read More
26/07/2006 - Bristol Airspace Changes
Please familiarise yourselves with the changes to Bristol and Cardiff airspace.   Read More
04/02/2005 - Bridlepath At Mere
We received a letter recently from Wiltshire County Council about an incident on the bridleway that runs up the spur between Cowards and the Rifle Range at Mere, where a horse was spooked by a launching paraglider.   Read More
24/08/1999 - Crook Peak Bottom Landing Closed   Read More
05/04/1999 - Rifle Range Bottom Landing   Read More
29/01/1999 - Overcrowding & General Behaviour   Read More
27/09/1998 - No Paramotors Or Powered Hang Gliders   Read More

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