Flying Articles & Related Resources

eNova Archive Articles galore in the club's excellent magazine
Safety Safety Advice from the HG and PG Safety Officers
General Flying Tips and Pointers from Experienced Pilots
Club Archive New !! Articles from Nova and XCs from years gone by
There I Was... Don't forget there are dozens of XC articles from the last nine years on Tim's PGXC League website - just click on any underlined distance for the story of how it was achieved
Coaching Coaching
Video Reviews Reviews by Avon Pilots of videos, initially consisting of the distilled thoughts on the whole range of videos by Ben Friedland
Firefly's Flying Diary I was at one time considering resurrecting Firefly, but don't really have the time these days, or the same kind of flying experiences maybe? So I've removed its link from the main menus - but the articles are still here.
Frequently Asked Questions This FAQ section is intended for pilots new to the sport or club. It is continuously updated, so if you think that there is something missing, let the committee know and they'll add it.
Low Airtimers Articles intended specifically for low airtime pilots

We've had some good feedback already about this section - thanks! The more eagle-eyed will note that I've done some more work on it too. If you have any articles you'd like us to include, please email them to me.