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Title Author Date Contributor
A Bit Of Hot Air Dave Tyrer 01/12/1990 Chris Jones

An inspirational XC account.

First Time Paraglider Anon 01/01/1990 Anon

An interesting tale, rumoured to be about…

One Winters Day - A true Story Ken Wilkinson 01/02/1989 Chris Jones

'Clockwork Ken Wilkinson' (Easily wound up) writes of having his leg pulled, and 'getting fairly old' - fourteen years ago!

Flying A Mattress Alan Russell 01/01/1989 Chris Jones

First impressions of paragliding from Nova July 1989 by Alan Russell.

Ace v Magic. No Contest! Bill Niblett 01/04/1988 Chris Jones

If ever there was a legend in his own lunch time it was Bill Niblett, the Sky God of Westbury. During the 80's and early 90's Bill was always flying at Westbury and he was nearly always having the best of it. His unusual launching style and long Cruise harness marked him out. He was never shy with his opinions either being very much a character ;-)

Pandy to Blorenge Ray Willis 15/04/1978 Tony Williams

A great XC flight!

Case of the Vanishing Thermal Bob England 01/04/1978 Tony Williams

What happens to thermals over the back of the hill?

Hay Bluff A Jefferson 04/03/1978 Tony Williams

Flying Article

Chairman's Comment John Croll 01/01/1978 Tony Williams

An interesting look at Club happenings from early '78

Editor's Comment John Burgess 01/01/1978 Tony Williams

Notes on contemporary happenings from a departing Editor

Avon HGC Committee April '78 Nova 01/01/1978 Tony Williams

The Club luminaries in '78


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