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For anyone who has an underactive sense of humour gland, the editorial contents of Nova are variously hilarious, scary, wry, but very rarely true.

Hi-Res eNova

Lo-Res eNova

eNova Archive

Here are all the editions of eNova of which I have copies. (If anyone has any from '00, please send them to me.). All are PDFs, the largest being the two most recent, at a shade under 1.5MB each, which will download in approx. 5-6 minutes on a 56k modem; the others are all under 1Mb:

Nova Archive

Thanks originally to Marcus' NOVA archive disk and Acrobat Distiller, more recently to Tony Moore, we have a large number of NOVA back-issues available. Again, all PDFs - some of which weigh in at 20MB, so be warned! They haven't all converted perfectly but you'll get the gist, I'm sure!: