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The DHV have issued a recommendation that pilots using DHV certified emergency parachutes should ensure that their maximum take-off weight never exceeds 75% of the parachute's certified maximum payload.   Read More
23/01/2005 - APCO FIESTA 2: DEEP STALL
Two examples of the Apco Fiesta 2 have been involved in accidents where they have entered a deep stall during a winch tow launch.   Read More
18/02/2004 - Ozone's New DHV1 - The MOJO
Ozone have released a new DHV 1 glider the Mojo aimed at new pilots and those pilots wanting stress free flying.   Read More
23/01/2004 - Windtech's new DHV 1-2 sports intermediate
Brand new design innovations make the Windtech PULSAR an astonishingly good glider with fine aerodynamic control, inspirational handling, and excellent performance in all areas, without compromising the security and safety aspects for the advancing pilot.   Read More
02/10/2002 - Bargain book!
Judy Leden's "Flying with Condors" in hardback for 1 pound in Bath bookshop   Read More
21/09/2001 - Ozone set to release new DHV1-2
Ozone have named their new DHV1-2 the Vibe. The glider is due for release in early 2002.   Read More
30/08/2001 - FreeX Safety Notice
Top lines on some models may need to be replaced. Serial numbers have the form nnn-nnnnXnn-X where n=number and X=letter. Possibly affected gliders have a "C" in the first letter position, with the following numbers after it: 01 to 04 for Flair, 01 to 13   Read More
04/07/2001 - Flying Planet Release New Intermediate
Flying Planet are releasing a new glide in the intermediate range called the Spirit. The new glider features partially closed cells.   Read More
27/04/2001 - Firebird Matrix Recall
There is a possible problem with a batch or Firbird Matrix (L) paragliders, Simon Murphy is trying to track down any owners.   Read More
04/01/2001 - New Gliders and the Latest Rumours
It's that time of the year when people often start to look for a new glider, we let you know all the latest gossip from around the world...   Read More

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