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Flying With Hang-Gliders Chris Jones, Tony Moore, Richard Hellen 23/06/2014 Chris Jones, Tony Moore, Richard Hellen

Iím sure many of you will have seen that recent YouTube video of the crash between a HG and a PG in Australia. Luckily they both lived to tell the tale, but it once more raises the question of flying safely together for HG and PG pilots.

XC Airspace Primer Chris Jones 01/04/2000

This article is a companion to the low airtimers airspace talk I gave at the April 2000 club night. It isn't an "everything you need to know guide to airspace" but should serve as a as a starting place for a more thorough study of the rules. If you spot a mistake let me know!

Thermalling Etiquette Chris Jones 01/01/1996

How not to get shouted at!

Ridge Soaring Chris Jones 01/01/1996

Questions you didn't think to ask, but wished you knew the answers to!


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