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Avon HGC Committee

Date: 01/01/1978
Author: April '78 Nova
Contributor: Tony Williams

Chairperson John Croll
Secretary Tony Tate
Treasurer Tony Richards
Flying Officer Julian Thomas
Safety Officer Mike Batchelor
Sites Officer Dick Scates
Deputy Sites Officer John Hunt
Editors John Burgess, Alf Beckett

Contributor's Notes:

Who were these people?

John Croll: chaired the club meetings, then held at the Bristol Flyer on Gloucester Road, semi-enclosed in plaster following a serious accident on his new Phoenix 8

Tony Tate: keen flyer and professional artist. His artistic niche was to put onto canvas the fantasies, usually sexual, as described to him by his clients

Tony Richards: until quite recently a keen flyer, usually seen at Westbury

Julian Thomas: then flew a copy of a Wills Wing Super Swallowtail. Now flies a Hornet microlight from Kingston Seymour

Mike Batchelor: Safety Officer for many years. Now flies microlights and is a BMAA inspector

Dick Scates: an early pioneer of powered hang gliding using the keel mounted Soarmaster

John Hunt: Home builder extraordinary, now flies microlights. Designed the Huntwing self build microlight

John Burgess: gave up flying, took up sailing

Alf Beckett: flew early Rogallos. Gave up flying by 1980

Tony Williams: still an occasional hang glider flyer. Now has half-share in Air Creation Kiss microlight

Phil Gibson: later became club chairman, top bloke, died in 1990s


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