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Overcrowding & General Behaviour

Concern was expressed at the recent committee meeting regarding increasingly crowded skies at our sites, with particular respect to Selsley and Westbury, especially in the light of recent tragic events elsewhere. Whilst no-one wants to see the introduction of rules such as flying windows (no, not the screensaver!), limited numbers in the air at any one time, etc. these steps may become necessary if a little more common sense is not made to prevail. This also applies to behaviour on the ground - on Westbury, in particular, far too many pilots, of both disciplines, are setting up on or just behind launch and then just sitting there obstructing take-offs and landings.

We wish to reinforce the authority of pilots experienced at any particular site to request other pilots to modify their behaviour, not just in respect of Site Rules, but also in terms of common-sense and courtesy towards other pilots. It was further suggested that we identify these pilots more specifically, perhaps by issuing such stalwarts with helmet stickers in order that visiting pilots in particular know that they are 'qualified' to offer advice or instruction. This suggestion will be actively pursued. In the meantime, we would like to forewarn all pilots flying our sites that, where necessary, they may be asked to amend their behaviour in some way and that the committee will take a very dim view of anyone refusing to comply with a reasonable instruction.

If this reinforcement of current informal arrangements has no effect the club will be forced to take more authoritative action before the results of the inconsideration of some pilots causes a major incident.

Thank You

Rich Harding

Avon Sites Officer

Reported on 29/01/1999 by Rich Harding