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Ground Handling

Date: 00/00/0000
Author: Howard Woodward
Position: Former PG Safety Officer

A problem that I see on the flying sites is that low air time and occasional pilots arrive on site. The wind is too light or a bit strong (it\'s never perfect is it) If it\'s light they float to the bottom, then go home. If its a bit frisky and others are flying they give it a go. Usually they get away with it. But if the mad canopy gets the better of them, then they go home. So some low air time pilots become occasional pilots They may persevere or, as some do, they give up.

There is an answer - it is called Ground Handling. If you invest the time and effort into getting good at handling your canopy, It is repaid in time not wasted sitting on hills. It\'s more than repaid if it stops you having an accident at the moment of take off.

Big ears, B-line stalls and collapses can all be practiced on the ground. Arrive on a site when you have 50 hrs ground handling under your belt and flying is fun.

Some folks are talented and catch on quick but for the rest of us Ground Handling is an ongoing commitment that has to be done to be able to fly at all.

It ain\'t like riding a bike and if you ain\'t good on the ground you wont be good in the air (with the notable exeption of Garry S!!).


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