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Milk Hill under threat!

Please pass this information around to all pilots that fly TVHGC Milk Hill Sites.

We are at serious risk of losing the Milk Hill sites, another day like today could put an end to over 40 years of free flight at these wonderful sites.

There were multiple instances today of pilots breaking the sites rules, inconsiderate flying and inappropriate attitude to the farmers/landowners.

The farmer at MHWH spent a large proportion of his day today trying to prevent pilots from frightening and dispersing the newly released pheasants and ducks in addition to damage to newly sown crops.

Please note that the normal routes to access MHWH are around the Milk bowl from the top car park or along the escarpment from GB car park. We may use the alternative route shown on the attached map to gain access from the lower parking at Milk Barn and Rybury.

DO NOT use the routes past the middle barn and copse of trees as these have covers for the newly released birds and it disturbs them.

DO NOT fly low over the area around these or land in the fields as this also disturbs the birds.

DO NOT launch or land in the SSSI between Milk and Tan Hill.

DO NOT launch or land in the area around the White Horse, move to the field near the end of the spur.

DO NOT fly un-accompanied at Milk, MHWH, Tan or Rybury.

The set aside strip around the edge of the field near the barn parking is not a designated landing area and we have been asked not to land here as well.

Bottom landing for MHWH is the grass strip or track close to the metal barn in front of the hill.

If you have any doubt about site rules please ask for a briefing or contact a club coach or committee member.

Richard Bungay
TVHGC Chairman

Reported on 06/10/2014 by Guest Author