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CAA Bans Flying on Wednesday 12th

Following on from the attacks in the USA the UK CAA has banned ALL civil flying except airliners and police units from now until 20:00 local time Wednesday 12th September 2001.
Full details, plus any continuing ban or other conditions, will be detailed on the CAA website at
NATMAC Representative Organisations: BHPA, BHAB, BMAA, BPA
Information regarding Restriction of Flying Regulations.
A Statutory Instrument came into force at 1830hrs UTC today (11 September 2001) which prohibits all flying operations by aircraft other than by holders of an Air Operator's Certificate or a Police Air Operator's Certificate for a period up to 1900hrs UTC tomorrow 12 September 2001.
This is in response to the terrorist attack in the USA.
A NOTAM has been issued to all addressees this evening providing details of the restrictions. The NOTAM provides details of the telephone numbers to call. These are: 020-7453-6589, 6588 and 6599.
A Press Notice has also been issued and details are on the CAA website
Please advise your members to refer to the NOTAM information before flying.
The situation will be reviewed and all operators/pilots should confirm that the Restrictions have been lifted before flying.
Thank you for your co-operation.
Nic Smith

Reported on 11/09/2001 by Marcus King