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Valadares Under Threat

The City Mayor of Valadares wants to expand the air space of the local Airport, what will result in serious restrictions in the free-flying in GV, including the end of the flying route to Caratinga and the landing on the
The local pilots said that no change will occurr on the airport, that it won't be possible to larger planes land, what means that no benefit will come from expanding the air space. Only the free-flying will be affected.
So we are starting a campaing to try to avoid this to happen. Please send a message to the city Mayor (, with copy to the Local Television (, so they will know that there are pilots all over the world interested in keep flying in GV. Don't forget to write down where you come from (city, country).
The television will broadcast, on a nation wide Sports Program, an interview with pilots about the subject.
Forward this message to all pilots you know!!!

Reported on 21/09/2001 by Marcus King